Internet users in the USA watched 32.4 billion videos in January 2010 according to a release from ComScore. The total search volume for January 2010 was 23.1 billion according to another study that ComScore has done. These reports show that there are 53% more video views than online searches for information.  Scary?

everyone’s favourite tube – YouTube was the most dominant online video website with 12.7 billion videos watched by residents in the USA in January 2010. An average YouTube viewer watches about 93.4 videos and this statistic shows a steady increase of 50% of over a year ago.

The top online video sites:

  1. YouTube 12.8 billion videos
  2. Hulu 903 million videos
  3. Microsoft 492 million
  4. Yahoo 435 million

Google – also everyone’s favourite is the dominant search engine with 65.5% share of the USA core searches. The core searches consist of searches done on the top 5 search engines. Other popular websites such as YouTube, Ebay and Craigslist account for 35% of searches.

Top search engines

  1. Google 9.5 billion searches
  2. Yahoo 2.4 billion searches
  3. Bing / MSN 1.7 billion searches
  4. Ask 0.5 billion searches
  5. AOL 0.4 billion searches

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