Twitter is one of the biggest social media channels people are still buzzing about. It is amazing what you can achieve with this micro blogging tool in 140 characters or less. If you are new to Twitter and you want to start using it to build more brand awareness by engaging with your current customers and future prospects, one question you might have is how are you going to get your message in front of your target audience.

There are thousands of strategies on the web on how you can achieve your goals on Twitter, and some will definitely work for your business, and others will not. A twitter marketing strategy is exactly as any other social media strategy. One size does not fit all, and it will take some experimenting on your side to see what works for your business.

How are you going to get started with Twitter? Find below three ways that will help you get started using Twitter in your social media marketing strategy.

Twitter marketing tips

It is not about you: Don’t start using Twitter and keep on bombarding your followers with marketing messages. The same with traditional networking – be an active participant and respect others. Start engaging with others and give your opinion only on the things that you are aware of. This will provide authenticity by providing a human face behind the brand name or just a random marketer that is using Twitter to market his services or products.

Be active on Twitter: Make your messages on Twitter stand out from others to increase your following. Do some research on your target audience and find out what they are interested in and then provide them with valuable content. Make your target audience feel important by engaging with them and retweeting their content.

Cross promoting: If you have a internet marketing strategy, cross promote on the channels you are using that you have a Twitter profile where others can follow you. Use your twitter handle on your website, blog, and offline marketing materials to spread the reach of your Twitter strategy.

These are a couple of basic tips to help you get started on Twitter. The most important rule of Twitter and any other social media channel is that it is a not a one way broadcasting channel. It is a two-way communication method that enhances social activity.