Everyday you will find more people who are accessing the internet from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Even though the mobile web is growing at the speed of lite, most websites were not designed to be accessed via a mobile device with a smaller screen, mouse, and keyboard.

There are millions of phones and tablets in the world that exceeds the number of computers. The potential for internet marketing on the mobile website is not big, it is massive.  The number of web enabled mobile phones is growing. The new generation (smartphone) enabled phones with optimized mobile web browsers are quickly beginning to replace the older phones with no web connectivity.

Smartphones such as the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry ones offer computer like functionality and are busy growing in popularity. New 3G data plans have made accessing the mobile web more affordable. Businesses online are quickly responding to this trend and developing mobile friendly versions of their websites and blogs.

Utilize the mobile web

If you want to create a mobile version of your website, here’s a couple of ways you can utilize the mobile web with your website.

  • Create a subdomain on your main domain that will be used for the mobile friendly site eg: “http://m.yourdomain.co.za”.
  • Build a responsive theme for your website to automatically re size and style your website when someone access your website from a mobile device.
  • If you don’t have a mobile website, find a mobile website developer that can convert your website for the mobile web.
  • Search online for various mobile website templates that you can optimize with your look and feel.
When you are in the process of designing your mobile website, structure your mobile website around mobile visitors. These people are looking for quick access to information. Use short and direct content by keeping it to the point. The navigation should also be easily accessible. Think about what your visitors might be looking for and provide them with the answers for their questions. If you can answer their questions, you will make it useful to them.