Content marketing is still a huge part of any successful digital marketing strategy. If you have started a blog, then you probably know how time-consuming (and hard!) it can be to stick to a blogging schedule. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:


  1. Set short term and long term blogging goals

Don’t overextend yourself if you have just started blogging. Commit to one post every two weeks to make sure you are consistent with posts. This can be your short term goal. Your long term goal, however, should be a big picture plan. Here are a few goals to consider:

  • Rank highly for your chosen keywords
  • Do four guest posts that link back to your blog
  • Invite four people in your industry to do a guest post on your blog
  • Start a newsletter
  • Increase your blog’s traffic by 40%


  1. Branch out to different topics

Did you start your blog to write DIY tips and now you’re not sure what to cover? Consider themes that relate to your blog’s topic. If you started out writing about DIY projects, you can also write about renovation jobs, pitfalls to avoid when completing certain projects, how to find good contractors in your area etc.


  1. Share a bit of personal information

Many people balk at the idea of sharing personal stories, but your followers will love it. Give them insights into your personal life, your team at work, or anything that can help you forge a stronger connection with your followers.


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