In today’s web design industry, it is important to have quick turnaround times. People decide to get a website and by the time they contact you, they want the website “yesterday”. To speed up your turnaround time (without sacrificing quality), it’s important to know your web design tools well.

Dreamweaver templates are your friend
Using Adobe Dreamweaver templates can help one’s web designing efforts for a number of reasons. It gives one the ability to convey a single message of professionalism by standardising the layout and skeleton of a given website.

Dreamweaver possesses useful functions such as it has a virtually single click function to make your webpage XHTML compliant and one can download free templates if you do not want to create a custom template from scratch. Once a skeleton is created it can be saved as a Dream Weaver template and can be applied to other web sites which will also speed up future services for clients that prefer the look and feel of previous work you did.

Try new things
As a web designer, you may be keen to stick to what you know, but the tools at your disposal are forever changing – for the better. A good tip is to take two or three hours a week to explore new web-based tutorials and tools that can make your life easier and speed up your turnaround time. Once you get to know a new program, you will probably be surprised at the amount of time you will save yourself by losing old habits and using new design tools to increase your efficiency.

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