I recently read a blog post about some of the resolutions copywriters should make for the New Year. Improving your writing, getting rid of old writing habits and actually using some new writing techniques should be on top of your list as a copywriter (right up there with all the old favourites such as losing weight, getting a pension plan and quitting smoking!). Here are some of the copywriting resolutions that hit home for me:

Updating About Us pages

Whether you have your own website, do copywriting for a single company or for a range of clients – make time to update the About Us pages. Usually, these pages are put together in under 5 minutes during the design phase of a website (and they are often a replica of the company’s profile from when they first started doing business). If the company (or your own professional services) has grown – mention it on this page. Say what new challenges lie ahead in 2011, which projects have been completed successfully and what the organisation plans for the next few years.

Stop using clichés

We’ve known that clichés are a big no-no since day one, but somehow they always end up creeping into our work. Some say that clichés get used over and over again for a reason (because they work), but they don’t. Using clichés in your writing just seems lazy and as a creative copywriter, you can make up your own sayings, metaphors and motivational sayings. Keep your articles and blogs unique by avoiding the normal phrases that get used every day.

Don’t write for print when you’re writing for the web

If you’re busy with an article and really get into it, it’s easy to forget the basic rules for writing for the internet (such as using bullet points, short paragraphs, enough headlines). Remember that your website visitors are busy and you have to make it easy for them to read through your pages.

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