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A couple of weeks back I traveled to Toronto to attend a Social Tech Boot Camp with Scott Klososky. The boot camp was arranged by WSI for their top performing franchisees and I met a lot of my fellow Internet Consultants. In fact they are my friends.

What is Social Tech?

Well, first off it isn’t just a collection of social media tools like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Taken from a business standpoint, an enterprise can use Social Tech as a collection of new capabilities like, user-generated content, micro blogging and engaging in e-communities.

Scott says that companies can build a powerful Social Tech Strategy if you are in command of the following 3 categories:

Social Relevance:

Social relevance covers your entire company’s reputation, both at the individual and organisational level. Social relevance will soon begin to make a huge difference in your ability to sell products and services. There are already many cases of how your “Online Reputation” can affect the public’s opinion from buying from you. It is so easy to verify a company’s reputation by checking on a number of rating sites:

Social Media

This category covers media such as; videos, documents, slide presentations and photos and enables one to one or one to many sharing using the Internet. Never before in our history could one person create a video, create a presentation or take a photo and publish it instantly for all the World to see. And for all the World to see in an unfiltered way, not what TV, radio or newspapers want you to see. The people now have power to create any type of media and share it instantly with their friends, or the whole world. How powerful is that. We have already seen the power of using social media in countries such as Egypt.

Blogging, microblogging and RSS feeds are some of the tools to allow anyone to publish information, free of charge, to our entire population.

We are “citizens of the Web” who can create our own news and publish instantly for all to see.

Social Networking

The third category of social tech is social networking. It’s about connecting with people through a variety of online communities. Our networking activities no longer have to be in person or face to face. This method restricts our ability to maintain a one-to-one relationship with a large group of people.

Selling and Serving to customers is about to change

It is easy to see how social networking is going to change the way we sell and serve our clients or how we resolves issues that are raised.

Social Tech is far more than just Facebook, Twitter of LinkedIn. Organisations need to get a better understanding of Social Tech to ensure that they can get the most out of it.

I highly recommend that you read Scott Klososky’s book: “Enterprise Social Technology”. It is available on Amazon in hardcopy or Kindle.

Social Tech Boot Camp

As many of you know, my wife Marianna is very involved in our business and she attended the boot camp as well. We have both been certified to conduct these boot camps as per Scott’s instruction.

Contact me if you would like a presentation on Social Tech and how it affects companies today.

If you are interested in me conducting a Social Tech Boot Camp for your organisation, send me an email and we can arrange it. It is highly recommended for Executives and Senior Management and you will get the entire low down in 12 action packed hours.

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