This week I held a two-day Social technology Boot camp for WSI Internet Consultants from the West Coast.

We had just over 20 Internet Consultants, an ideal sized group that interacted the entire two days.

We covered the following:

  • Introduction to Social technologies. This presentation sets the scene and gets everyone on the same vocabulary
  • Next was the ‘One-2-One Digital marketing plan where we integrate web properties with our social media properties
  • Following on with the 15 Web 2.0 Dynamics that demonstrates how humanity has changed the way we work
  • On the second day we work shopped the 12 step process to implementing social technologies in an organisation

During the day I presented some of the tools that I use for social media.

That was when one of my students, Marcus Henry put up his hand and offered to show me a few tricks

It was the classic case of reverse mentoring and I really enjoyed Marcus’ approach to applying social media to his role.

Here is Marcus and I posing.