My life is hectic with all the training and presentations that I do during the year and this month is no exception.
On Tuesday I flew down to Durban to meet the rest of the South African WSI Digital Marketing Consultants where we held a Social Technology Seminar to 75 attendees.
Last month I flew to Toronto to attend a Social Tech Bootcamp by the Social Media Guru himself, Scott Klososky. It was an intensive two days and well worth the expense to get myself updated on the how companies should use a holistic approach when implementing social technologies.
For those of you who think I spell incorrectly, this post is written in UK English, so we use “s” instead of “z” in many of our words.

Scott Klososky & Francois Muscat

What is Social Tech and why is it important?
Nick Gard presented the importance of Social Tech and gave some great examples of how social media has been used in Egypt and the Japan disaster of last Friday.
He went on to talk about Social technologies as the Umbrella term covering:
•    Communication that is facilitated with Social Networking
•    Knowledge transfer using Social Media technologies such as YouTube and Slideshare
•    Social Relevance: Everyone will one day have a social relevance score and today one can measure this using sites such as Social mention and twinfluence
•    Finally we will see an increase in “Socially Enable Tasks” such as Social CRM and Social recruiting.

Nick Gard WSI Internet Marketing Consultant

Social Tech: Key concepts and terms
Astrid Fenton followed up with her presentation explaining the terminology so that everyone would be on the same page.
This is an important point that Scott Klososky refers to in his bootcamp. He says that it is important for everyone to understand the terminology so that we can express ourselves in a way that is understood by others. It is a holistic way to implementing social tech in an Enterprise using comprehensive documented processes.
Astrid covered the following points:
•    Web based networking and how the different cultures all around the world are using mobile phones to stay connected
•    eWord of Mouth, using “word of mouth” strategies to promote your products and services
•    The 10 Commandments of Organisational voice. Explaining hoe companies should ensure that they have a consistent tone and message
•    Online Reputation Management, really one of the most important online issues to address. She played the United Airlines videos by David Caroll and this brought the message home. Companies should respond to issues or face the music when their brand runs away from them with the Mel Gard as Master of ceromoniescrowd.
•    Crowdsourcing should be tried out as just about any company can reduce their costs with the vast online resources that are available online. She gave an example of how Simba chips offered a bounty of R50,000 ($7,500) for their Walkie Talkie Flavour.
•    Rivers of Information is the term that Scott Klososky coined for increasing your IQ and keeping 3 steps ahead of your competition in just 45 minutes a day
•    Real Time collaboration examples of Google Docs and Basecamp to manage projects
Mel Gard was our Master of Ceromonies and handle the day just perfectly. She facilitated all the questions and play some fascinating YouTube videos which kept everyone entertained.

Mel Gard Internet Consultant

Blueprint for Social Proficiency
This was my presentation and I covered the 12-Steps required to implement Social Tech in a holistic manner in enterprises. Here the 12 Steps I presented:
1.    Developing social tech goals for your organisation
2.    How to select and form your social team?
3.    Implementing policies and procedures to provide the guidelines of social use in your organisation
4.    Integrating your social tech and web properties to create a conversation that leads to your destination (Website)
5.    How to build your River of Information to keep you ahead of your competitors and to keep your sales team informed
6.    How to integrate social tech into the sales process. Here we covered social directed buying for B2C and socially facilitated selling for B2B
7.    Online reputation management and the process to implement in your organisation
8.    How to use crowdsourcing to get stuff done cost effectively and quickly
9.    How to go about implementing a measurement system to ensure you get a return for all the effort required
10.    How to choose your social tools. Over 25 to select, some free and others paid
11.    How we go about choosing which Pilot projects to implement and get commitment and accountability
12.    Finally we discussed security and regulations. Keep your systems safe from hackers and continuous education on being aware of phishing link in social tech
We ended with a great question and answer session.
It was a great day and we had 15 WSI Digital Marketing Consultants available to help answer any question during our networking lunch.

Francois Muscat WSI Digital Marketing ConsultantIf you are considering implementing social tech in your organisation, just send me an email at francois and I will gladly do a presentation for your company on the 12 Step process.

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