In today’s technologically-driven world, social media has long been a major player in communication technologies advancements, with platforms such as Facebook and Twitter gaining unprecedented social momentum. Given the sheer volume of interaction taking place on such platforms, businesses simply cannot afford to miss out. Bearing this in mind, businesses around the globe have taken to social selling, where the aim is to foster meaningful online engagement tailored to each unique business.


Why should my business use social media marketing?


  • Social media platforms allow businesses the opportunity to connect with customers in a significant and sincere way through the use of a sound social media marketing strategy. The heyday of expensive television advertising and flashy billboards is coming to an end, with consumers becoming increasingly distrustful of noisy advertising. Rather, it is key to connect with customers in a space where genuine, two-way conversations are possible.
  • Real-time interaction enables conversations. Social media is all about talking to one another on a global scale and, from an online advertising perspective, implies that brand conversations can take place without a lag in communication. Rather, they are immediate, where feedback is instantaneous.
  • Social selling is non-invasive and welcomed by customers, which contrasts decidedly from cold calling, which can often be disruptive for the consumer.
  • A reliable online presence through the employment of social media tools implies that businesses can constantly manage their reputation, ensuring that the right message is being communicated at all times.


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