If you’re a marketer or brand manager and are interested in how social selling can improve your sales, you might have a tough time convincing your boss it’s worth the time and resources. Many business owners still believe their “ideal clients aren’t on Facebook” (everyone is on Facebook) or that social media can’t be used to sell products. It can and it does.

Sales teams and sales representatives might believe that cold-calling and in-person demonstrations are the way to go, but if you use social media in a smart way, you can get in front of a potential buyer with much less effort. Here are a few ways you can get your sales team and your boss on board:

Show them the data

Facebook’s audience customisation abilities is proof of how powerful social selling can be. You can target everything from age, location and interests to life events and recent travels. Getting in front of your ideal customer this way is much easier (and more cost-effective) than paying for mass media messages that are all basically a hit-and-miss gamble.

Provide tactics

LinkedIn networking can be one of the best ways for sales representatives to set up meetings with potential clients. LinkedIn is the biggest business networking tool and with over 250 million users, sales people can’t afford not to use it. Suggest a workshop or training from a professional LinkedIn consultant who can show your team members how to optimise their profiles, send out invitations and network in the right industry groups on LinkedIn.

These are only the first two steps to getting everyone on board with the idea of social selling – now you have to show results. If you want to get the results you need, partner with the social media team at WSI OMS. Contact us for more information today.

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