Social media marketing has a big influence on the way people feel about and perceive your brand. Ideally, you want people to feel your brand genuinely cares about its customers and sincerely values them, but your social media marketing strategy may not generate those sentiments. If you want to succeed in social selling, you need to cultivate a brand that people trust, that people feel comfortable purchasing from and that has consistent messaging across all platforms. There are many ways in which social media marketing impacts emotional branding and social selling:

  • Align your content with your customers’ values. This allows you to become a part of their identity and gives you top-of-mind awareness amongst your core audience. If someone shares an article you post on Facebook, or re-tweets something you authored, it means they’re identifying with the sentiment of the content and in turn, sharing it. Someone who checks a particular website or blog each morning has allowed it to become a part of their identity because it aligns with their values.
  • Keep the content consistent, even in small doses. Your interactions with your customers are much like interactions with new friends – you share little bits with one another and as the relationship grows, you share more. Letting your customers know you’re thinking about them, even in a small way, helps build loyalty and allows them to feel acknowledged and appreciated.
  • Humanise the experience as much as possible. People want to know there are human beings behind the social media accounts of their favourite brands, not some machine that constantly pumps out self-promotional messages. Answer every question, complaint and comment and ask your customers for feedback, their input is incredibly valuable.

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