Getting your target audience interested in what you have to offer and engaging with them online is a huge accomplishment. But what if the type of engagement you are after isn’t leading to conversions and sales?

There are different types of online engagement. You could be tracking how your target audience is engaging with you on social media, your landing pages, your website or your mobile apps. This is all proof that you’re building a relationship with your followers and fans, but too much engagement might actually be a bad thing. If your target audience is presented with too many share options, for example, they may be less likely to act on them.

While it’s good to offer multiple sharing options (because people engage on different platforms), research showed that when a blog has three social sharing buttons – such as Twitter, GooglePlus and Facebook – there are more shares than when two extra buttons – such as LinkedIn and Pinterest – were added. The shares actually decreased by 29% when the two social sharing buttons were added.

Our advice here would be to keep it simple. Sometimes, less really is more and limiting options might make it easier for your users to share your content or complete a sale. Besides keeping it simple, you also need to test different strategies to find out what works. Consider which social media platforms would be most relevant for your target market in order to get your social engagement leading to more sales.

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