It seems that ‘Social Search’ is the new buzz phrase among internet users these days – and for good reason, seeing as this could potentially change the way we use the internet. There are many questions about Social Search and whether or not it will overtake pioneer search engines such as Google. To understand the impact of Social Search, one must first understand what it is and how it works.

Social Search is a branch of web searching that turns up results according to social interactions and connections. It aims to produce content that is more relevant to you and determines this relevance by choosing content shared or ‘liked’ by your social networking friends. This system uses a collective web intelligence to determine the importance of a page.

Impact of Social Search

  • Personal factors are taken into consideration with social search. It focuses on specific relationships between individuals in order to produce content that is current, useful and relevant to you.
  • Social search is going to change the way we produce content. Instead of trolling article directories or Google Suggest for content ideas – internet marketers will now start looking at Social Media trending. If a hot topic is trending on Twitter, jump on the bandwagon and start producing content to get noticed.
  • We’re going to have to produce content that is conductive to sharing. While you can’t set out to “produce viral content”, you can try your absolute best to produce content that people are more likely to share – such as How To guides, infographics, pod casts etc.

At the moment, we can’t quantify the effect of social search on our SEO rankings, but knowing Google we can assume that it will definitely play a role in the near future. Producing content that is talked about is the only way to stay ahead of the game.

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