Here are some social media tips for companies whose social media campaigns have received negative feedback:

First off, the worst thing you can do is to ignore negative feedback and just have the comments that fall into this category removed from your website or Facebook page. Rather see it as constructive criticism, gather as much information as you can on the problem and then implement change. Keep people informed of your progress and remember to let them know when all the changes you said you would make have been implemented.

If, however, someone has a problem with something like your site being too slow or not user friendly enough it is important to get in touch with a company like WSI that specialises in online marketing to help you sort it out as soon possible. In the meantime, remember to keep the person who posted the comment as well as other interested parties informed of everything you’re doing to rectify the problem. This will not only minimize the potential damage caused by the comment, but might actually win you ‘brownie points’ as this will show your customers how seriously you take their feedback and how committed you are to providing quality customer care.

Secondly, if the problem is content related (meaning people are either offended by the content you posted or find that the content is unintelligible or just badly written), the problem is no less severe. Remove offensive content immediately and apologise personally to the person who felt offended by it. If the content is not intelligible, badly written or does not adequately represent your company, rather enlist the help of a professional copywriter to take care of the problem as fast as possible. Again, remember to inform the public that the problem is being dealt with.

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