These days, there’s so many choices and options to promote your business online. Social Media Marketing (SMM) is one of these options and it’s a great way to increase the effectiveness of your other online marketing strategies and it works hand in hand with SEO and blogging.

Even though Social Media Marketing (SMM) is not a new trend, it is a new frontier for many and it’s busy taking the online world by storm.  How do you start a Social Media Marketing campaign for your business to get noticed and build brand authority over your competitors?

Here’s a couple of Social Media Marketing tips to help you start your SMM campaign.  Choose the best social media (Web 2.0) channels that will fit your targeted customer the best.

Social Media Marketing

Blog: Your blog can be seen as the vocal point of all your Social Media Marketing strategies.  Integrate your most if not all of your social media channels onto your blog.  Tweet your latest blog posts, and display these on your LinkedIn (company or personal) profile and your Facebook page or profile.

Twitter: Twitter is one of the easiest social media profiles to get started with.  Post short updates on your profile such as company news, products, blog posts, etc.  Twitter is a great social media channel that you can use to engage in conversations.

Facebook: Facebook has become one of the best business networking channels where you can connect directly with your audience, interact with your network, post videos and discuss topics.

LinkedIn: This is one of my favourite professional business social networking channels.  With LinkedIn, you can share knowledge, form alliances, attract new customers and build brand authority.

YouTube: On YouTube, you can create your own dedicated channel where you can post videos to your profile. Videos are great if you want to engage and reach targeted groups.  When you have uploaded videos to your own channel, embed them onto your website and blog.

These are just some of the social media channels that you can use to get started with your Social Media Marketing campaign.

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