Our world is more of a digital world than ever before, but thanks to social media, it is also a world that is far more connected and involved. This strange paradox of connecting with millions of people worldwide through the Internet yet seeing less people face-to-face has resulted in a few problems for social media business strategies, the most important of which is to stay human.

This problem is more of a symptom of the emphasis on online business than anything else, but overcoming it is vital to making your online presence successful. You’re essentially trying to reach millions of people while making them each feel personally connected to your brand, and that is something that needs steady work in order to achieve.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

  • Constantly remind yourself and your team that you are connecting with individuals on a personal level rather than the numbers crunched from your analytics programme. It’s easy to get caught up in the campaign, the keywords and the number of likes you get, but keeping an image of the people you’re connecting with in your head will help you connect with them far more successfully.
  • Watch your language. A wonderful thing about social media is that it is casual to the point of carelessness. Now, I’m not saying you should go out there and misspell your message or forget everything you know about grammar – rather try and imagine that you’re striking up a conversation with someone you have something in common with. Decent grammar and spelling keeps things professional and a casual, conversational tone will get you the engagement that you’re seeking.
  • Keep it fresh. When we get tired or start running out of ideas, the result is stale, unappetising content. In social media, you need to keep posting regularly and actively work to engage fans, so you can’t afford for that to happen. Try rotating your accounts between staff members and seeing what they come up with and what new personal perspectives they’d like to share.
  • Put a face out there. Your company logo is great, but it can look cold and distant to social media users. Get your team together and have a casual group photo taken – this will give your fans a human face to connect with.

At WSI, we provide cutting-edge social media solutions that drive customer engagement by combining quality research and content with a distinct human feel. Contact us today to find out more about our social media services.

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