You can’t ignore Social Media anymore. If you’re a business owner or marketer, Social Media Marketing should factor into your overall marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing – The Impact

HubSpot surveyed 1500 consumers and found the following:

  • 67% are more likely to purchase products from brands they follow on Twitter
  • 51% are likely to support brands they follow on Facebook
  • 79% are likely to recommend a brand they follow on Twitter

Now that you’ve seen the kind of results Social Media can render, you also need to know how to execute your Social Media strategy the right way. It’s easier to assist you by first telling you what to avoid.

Avoid these Social Media Mistakes

  • Don’t get involved without a clear plan
  • Don’t ignore your audience
  • Don’t forget about your brand
  • Don’t use the same strategy on all your Social Media sites
  • Don’t self-promote or spam in excess
  • Make sure you measure your Social Media results

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Leverage the Power of Social Media Marketing

Here are few tips to ensure your company is using Social Media the right way.

  • Before you start your Social Media initiatives make sure you have the time and resources available to make it a success.
  • Assign someone to manage your Social Media Marketing exclusively. In many cases you won’t be able to have an exclusive Social Media manager. Make sure you make time to post, Tweet and engage.
  • Social Media managers must receive training on how to integrate Social Media into a marketing plan.

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While Social Media Marketing may be a natural progression for some, we find that many struggle with getting started and keeping up the momentum. Contact WSI for a comprehensive Social Media solution. We have experience in creating successful Social Media Marketing strategies that have helped many small-big businesses achieve success on the Internet

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