A newly released study by the Buyersphere Report revealed fascinating information on the business marketing world. This report focuses on B2B social media and other cutting edge marketing activities gained from the insight of talking to 500 European B2B procurement professionals. The study asked the professionals about what they actually did over the last 12 months while considering a major purchase.

These results provided a fascinating insight into direct factors that influenced their decisions such as social media usage, general buyer behaviour and information gathering techniques. More interestingly, it also revealed a few secrets of B2B buyers.

Here are a few of these B2B buyer ‘guilty secrets’ below and how they may be relevant to your business:

  • Social media killjoys: The findings of the study revealed many interesting polarisation with regards to the terms that are used in social B2B social media usage. 50% of B2B buyers are equally distributed with regards to the value of social media, while some are more and others less enthusiastic about the value that it offers. 47% of buyers admitted to not using social media at all, however.   
  • Buyers are less rational than they would believe: Everyone knows that there are rational and emotional reasons for making a purchase. This point, however, was driven home when the question of why the buyers set out to make a purchase in the first place, was asked. The drive behind the question was to determine what the initial driver was so that social media marketers would be able to better empathise with the buyer during the process. Some opted for ‘business expansion’ or ‘increased productivity,’ which are fairly arbitrary reasons. These and other emotionally charged reasons were given to justify these purchases, which leads the study to conclude that B2B buyers are less rational than they believe them to be.

These are only a few of the secrets that were revealed of B2B social media use in the decision making process of a purchase. For more insight into this industry and for expert assistance with your B2B social media campaigns, contact WSI today.

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