Don’t feel left behind if you have been using various internet marketing methods to market your business products and services to the online world without using Twitter. There a number of solid reasons why you should use this powerful microblogging tool with a real-time nature for marketing and it’s never too late to start using it.

Twitter has been around for a while now and you will find many helpful guides, blog posts, and whitepapers online with various Twitter marketing strategies that you can use for your business. This is just a short blog post explaining the benefits of Twitter and how you can use it to start promoting your business.

Twitter marketing tips

  • Twitter autocomplete: This is a new feature that was added to Twitter Search. You might be asking what has this got to do with your marketing campaign? If you are looking for new topics to write and tweet about, the Twitter autocomplete feature can help you with this.
  • Find interesting people to follow: This is another new feature from Twitter. If you know that there are certain customers of yours that are using Twitter and following you, you can use this feature to search for┬áthem and send them specific twitter only discounts.
  • Share blog posts on Twitter: This is really an old way of using Twitter, but it still works wonders. Post new links of your blog posts to your Twitter profile with a compelling headline to draw people closer.
  • Hashtags: Hashtags is a powerful way you can use to promote posts and updates regarding a specific topic or to find relevant posts that you can also use in your own updates.
  • Relationships: Twitter has the ability to help you build instant relationships with targeted people in your demographic. Get to know your audience, reply to them and retweet their messages. Start a conversation with them to get the ball rolling.

If you use Twitter as a proper social network tool to engage with your customers, you will reap the benefits of this service.

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