Did you know that it is now possible to market your business online without spending a cent? Using popular social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for marketing purposes has allowed entrepreneurs to spread the word about what they do and to reach new prospects. This is an excellent method that your business can tap into.

Myself and WSI focusses on various internet marketing strategies including social media marketing to reach new customers. In most of our social media strategies, we are using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and blogging as our core marketing channels and they are all free. Even though it is free, it still requires time, energy and effort to get the best results.

Here are a couple of tips on using these channels in your own strategy.

Social media marketing tips

LinkedIn: Linkedin is the best professional social network with more than 100 million members.  This channel is well-known for providing networking opportunities with professionals from all sectors. Create and complete your profile on LinkedIn to be 100% complete as this is the way that others will find you on this network. On LinkedIn, you can use LinkedIn answers to interact in all sorts of discussions on a wide range of topics.

Facebook: This is by far the biggest social network and is quite popular with small business owners where they engage with targeted audiences. On Facebook, setup a personal Facebook profile and create a business Facebook Fan page for your organization. Use Facebook to engage with your followers and upload videos, photos and examples of your work to your Fan page.

Twitter: Twitter is one of the quickest channels that you can use to get the word out about your company. Nothing compares with the real-time search aspect of Twitter where you can get instant news, anytime, anywhere, as soon as it happens.

Blogging: Blog marketing is an excellent marketing strategy that you can integrate directly on your website. I believe that blogging is the heart and soul of social media as it is most likely the only channel where you can control the content.

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