In the world of social media marketing, blogs are recognised as a vital content marketing tool as well as one that is very difficult to promote. You probably have a link on your website, but have you thought about using your social media platforms to support your blog?

Here’s how social media can help your blog:

  1. Increase visibility and drive traffic. Social networks are all about being constantly visible to a massive online community, so make use of them to get attention for your blog. If you’re talking about an interesting topic on your social platforms, write a blog on the topic and link it via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. Also link your blog on your social media pages so that people who are browsing your page can visit your blog. Your blog itself may not be very SEO friendly, but these links will help drive traffic just as well.
  2. Get more followers. Capitalise on you social media followers by introducing them to your blog content. Your followers on social media platforms may have no idea that you have a blog – and by not linking your blog through these platforms, you’re missing out on masses of potential followers who are already showing an interest in you. If they like your content, they will share or promote it, helping you gain even more followers and fans.
  3. Increase your rankings. Because social networks allow people to build quality links to blogs and other content on their own site, making use of this function will help make your blog more SEO friendly. This will help your rankings, which will then drive more traffic to your blog.

If you want your blog to reach new heights, contact WSI today and find out about how our social media marketing strategies can help you.

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