Most law firms have at some time thought of implementing a digital marketing strategy. Many times, we see lawyers write blog posts and share them on social media, thinking that this constitutes a social media marketing strategy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t.


The old method of social media marketing for lawyers was to write a blog post on their website, promote the post on Facebook, hope somebody reads it and needs their help. They keep writing blogs, creating Facebook posts, boosting the post and hoping somebody calls, but it doesn’t work very well.


Another option that many law firms use is Facebook ads, which usually read like something along the following lines: “If you have questions about your custody, visitation or child support case, I have the answers. Let’s talk.” The problem with this type of post is that people don’t go to Facebook to look at ads; they’re there to look at pictures of their friends and family.


The drawback with this approach is that it doesn’t align with how a lawyer’s leads flow in your world. All you’re doing is getting people to click on your ad, potentially read your blog post, then leave your website and forget about you.


The ‘three-point marketing’ approach basically means that a person needs three touchpoints with your brand before they trust you enough to ask you for help. With the internet, the number of touchpoints that are needed has been upped to over 20! The chances of someone seeing your ad and needing your legal services in that particular moment is very low, which is why this approach to social media likely hasn’t yielded any results in the past.


When you take a more holistic approach to your social media marketing, the process is slightly different. For instance, say someone clicks on your Facebook ad, they get added to your Facebook audience and get prompted to download your free eBook. Upon downloading the eBook, they get added to your email list, and start receiving well-thought-out emails. They also see remarketing ads.


So, as you can see, you’re following up with them over and over and over again and you’re staying top of mind.


If you need help to create a holistic, impactful social media marketing strategy for your law firm, contact WSI OMS today.

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