Social media marketing is all about campaigns that offer a visual experience that is intriguing and engaging. A quick look at the any social media marketing campaign will show you that it’s not at all just about textual content. Images, graphics and videos are used to grab attention and let’s face it – it works! What’s the reason behind the effectiveness of visual campaigns? The human brain is designed to process visuals 60 000 times faster than it processes text. Your visual campaign is working long before your text campaign has even been noticed or realised!

If you are handling your own social media marketing campaign and don’t have the skills or even find designing graphics time consuming, there are a few design hacks that you can make use of to make the experience easier for you. Below are a few design hacks that will transform your social media marketing campaign into a visual one that isn’t just engaging, but highly shareable too:

  • Forget the text – it can be tempting to add a lot of text to social media posts, but don’t! Don’t let the words overwhelm the image. “An image is word a thousand words” they say, so let your images do most of the talking. Try to add the title of your content / post to your graphic and pin it to the top of your blog post. It will be eye-catching and obvious that the content and should be shared.
  • Remember that quality reflects on your brand – images must be of a high quality if you want them to reflect on your brand positive. Make use of high quality stock photography. Humans tend to be attracted to things that look good. Social media users will click on, like and share things that they think look good or enticing. Boost your brand credibility with high quality images only.
  • Use varied visual content for online marketing – visual content is powerful, there’s no doubt about it. If you want to engage with fans, use a combination of quote graphics, infographics, screen shots and photography. You will be appealing to a broad audience and also intriguing your customers by always offering them something different.
  • Refer to visual trends and win – of course you want your social media marketing campaign to make use of visual content that is considered trendy and hip. Do a little research to see what visual trends are popular. Pinterest is a great place to start. Don’t just copy someone else’s visual content, but rather use the ideas you come across as inspiration for your own ideas.
  • Brand your graphics – if you don’t brand your graphics, they aren’t going to drive much wanted traffic to your site or other platforms. If you are posting informative information and graphics to match, make sure that there’s info on how to reach you for more information too.

Social Media Marketing Services Offered by WSI

At WSI we offer social media marketing services that incorporate the design of social media graphics that your customers will simply love to like and share online. Our social media marketing campaigns are designed and customised specifically to the needs and target market of our customers. To learn more about creating highly shareable social media graphics or to learn more about our online marketing services, contact us at WSI today.