Think about the brands that you look up to – what is it exactly about their social media marketing campaigns that makes them so effective at engaging their target market? It’s not just their analysis and constant hard work, there really is something special about the way that they approach their audiences – and we think that we’ve discovered it:

  1. Be exciting and complete: Brands that hold the attention of their audiences are all about wow factors, whether it’s exciting imagery or imaginative copywriting. These constant applications of a wow factor could become confusing, but they are carefully linked to one another as part of an over-arching theme or concept. This stops their strategy from dissolving into chaos and keeps it pointed at an ultimate goal.
  2. Be relevant: Social content thrives on anything topical, whether it’s news events or celebrity fallouts. The Internet thrives on memes and viral content, so brands that want to join in on the trending topics must stay up-to-date. This means that brands can either create viral content themselves or latch on to current trending themes. While trending themes are often difficult for brands to associate with, it’s important to try, as it will help your followers to connect with you.
  3. Be creative: Think of unique and unusual ways that your fans can connect with you instead of simply sticking to tried and tested methods. Send your products out to your top fans and have them review it, offer unique promotions over social media treasure hunts and empower them to engage with you on an equal playing field. This will not only inspire your fans, it will help them become brand ambassadors themselves.

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