LinkedIn is a powerful social media portal for lead generation, with two new professionals signing up to join every second, and by incorporating LinkedIn into your social media marketing strategy, you can easily boost business leads. Learn more in this guide

4 social media marketing strategy tips for generating leads from LinkedIn:

1. Prioritise LinkedIn 

If you decide that LinkedIn has the potential to take your business to new heights, then it’s essential that you make it a priority. Trying to tackle it as an afterthought just is not going to provide the results that you’re after. Embed the social media platform into your editorial calendar and make use of its ever-popular publishing platform to post your best pieces as often as possible. This will lead to your organisation being viewed as an industry thought-leader and trusted authority. 

2. Make an effort with relevant connections

Do you have connections on your LinkedIn profile that you have yet to meet, but are keen to? Make an effort to interact with them and build a relationship. Eventually, when you decide to pitch your business and its offering to them, there’ll be a much higher chance that it will be well-received. 

3. Engage and interact 

Join groups and take part in the discussions taking place within them. Post updates on your profile. Write recommendations for your connections. Celebrate others’ accomplishments. Spend time perfecting your profile. There are so many ways to make your presence known on LinkedIn, and this is a great way in which to encourage more attention to your business. 

4. Refine Your Profile 

Do some research into the best keywords to be using and include as much information as possible without coming across as verbose or boastful. It is important to complete every aspect of your profile, as studies have shown that professionals who do this receive forty times more direct inquiries and leads than those who do not. 

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