Many people and businesses believe that social media marketing is a fast, cheap and easy way to internet marketing with all the hype in the online world. Even though Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the new frontier in online marketing, it has been around for a while now but it has only received major exposure in the last couple of years.

Everyone including small businesses wants to be part of this social media phenomenon but unfortunately with any new technologies and trends, misunderstandings are bound to be found.

Find some information regarding social media marketing below.

Social media marketing is free and cheap

Social media tools are free to use but to properly implement them onto a website marketing campaign that is effective, can get expensive. A website marketing campaign that is successful requires a dedicated team of professionals with the experience on how to accomplish this.

It is easy

Social media marketing isn’t easy. It takes time, commitment and patience. To get the best results from social media, it should be integrated into a strategic website marketing plan. It usually requires work to be done each day to reach slow gains. Results can be tracked and monitored. Often the time and dedication spent on social media marketing out weights what your returns will be.

The whole point of Social Media Marketing is to brand yourself as the expert in your field and business. It is all about building your trust and credibility. The more you give, the more you will get.

There’s only young people on Social media sites

Young people might have been the original originators of this field, but it is now being used by all age groups. Each social media community has it’s own demographic profile. Research which communities you would like to join, or create your own one.

Social Media can hurt my business

Many people and companies are afraid to participate in social media for the fear of the negative reaction they might receive if they mess up. Conversations will take place online about your company or brand with or without you. It is more risky to not be involved in the social media world and talk about your business.

Social Media Marketing is all about placing adds on Facebook

This is called “paid advertising” to place advertisements on Facebook. Social media marketing is about about engaging and interacting with targeted audiences. By placing banner ads (same as the advertisements in a printed magazine) doesn’t guarantee targeted users will be viewing it. Engaging in social media is to inspire trust and to show your business is credible and trustworthy.

How can I measure social media marketing?

With proper social media optimization (SMO), social media marketing can be very effective in improving search engine optimization for your business. You can receive better organic search engine results that will bring more traffic to your website – more leads and more sales.

Can I measure social media statistics?

There’s many social media monitoring tools and methods to measure the impact of your social media campaign. You can find tools to measure the amount of your business name being mentioned, comments about your business, number of friends and fans and the number of visitors that you received to your website from social media sites.

Social Media Marketing is here to stay. If you require any additional information regarding this next step in internet marketing contact us.