If you own a business, you have many choices to promote your business.  Social Media Marketing (SMM) is an online marketing strategy that will work with just about any type of business.  You can use a social media marketing campaign to strengthen and support your other marketing campaigns.

Social Media Forms

If you don’t know where to start, have a look below for a couple of social media forms that are used by businesses today.  Pick the ones that will best fit in with your business and your targeted customers.


I believe blogging is at the heart of SMM and I will always start most of my Social Media Marketing strategies with a blog.  Your blog can be the hub spot (central location) of your whole SMM strategy.  Include YouTube videos on your blog, Tweet your blog posts, display your Facebook badge on your blog, list your Flickr images, etc.


This is the biggest social networking platform online.  Facebook has also become one of the top business networking sites where businesses can interact with fans, connect with targeted audiences, discuss topics, post videos and social advertisements.


This is the most famous micro blogging tool and you can post short updates to your profile on it.  Use Twitter to link to your blog, interesting articles and to engage in conversation.  Twitter has a limit of 140 characters per update.  Use a URL shortening service such as http://bit.ly to shorten your URL’S – giving you more characters to Tweet on.


LinkedIn is a professional social networking tool. On LinkedIn you can share knowledge, form alliances, cement your company brand and attract new customers. This is a very powerful business networking tool and we highly recommend it to anyone that is serious about their business.


YouTube videos are a great way to reach and engage with a targeted group of people.  You can create and publish short educational videos that relates to your niche.  You can also embed these videos on your website and blog.  Always use attention grabbing references and titles of your website and then wait for the video to go viral.  You can also build up your own dedicated YouTube channel to list all of your videos.


Flickr is used for photo sharing strategies.  Always name your photos that you have uploaded to Flickr with keywords and they will come up highly in searches such as Yahoo that owns Flickr. The best images on Flickr are creative, professional and original photos that will appeal to your targeted market and niche.  Also allow your photo’s and images to be used freely as long as you receive credit in the form of a link back to your profile.

The awesome part of social media marketing is the ability to track results.  Common analytics software such as Google Analytics will give you the ability to measure referral traffic and links to your blog and company website.

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