Most of you have heard all the craze about all the social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and most recently, Pinterest. We all know that these channels are Web 2.0 driven where you can connect with your family and friends to keep ahead of what is happening in each other’s world. How can you use social media to build brand credibility and awareness for your business?

Many people will argue that social media is the new way of doing business online. Although this statement is true, social media has been around for a while. Social media is growing at the speed of light and many small business owners are enjoying all the benefits that this medium offers. It doesn’t matter what type of niche you have, you can always get good results with an optimized social media marketing strategy.

Social media sharing

If you already have a blog and you post new blog posts on a regular basis about your business, you can connect these posts to your Twitter profile, Facebook Fan Page, LinkedIn company profile, and other social media channels to generate more interested readers to your content. When someone comments on the content that you have shared, answer them to show you are available. Ignoring them will turn them away.

If you have a small business selling products that you are running from your home. For each product that you list on your website or blog, why don’t you create a short video and upload this video to YouTube? This video can then be shared to all your other social media profiles such as Facebook and Twitter where interested people can view what the product is about. This can help you generate more sales for your business, and at the same time increase the awareness of your business online.

Let’s face the reality – traditional marketing such as print and radio advertising are not what they used to be. The online world has come quite a long way since the early days of frame websites and chat rooms. ┬áThe social media landscape has changed the way we interact with each other online and it is an excellent opportunity for small business owners to make their presence known.

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