If your business has made use of Facebook as a social media marketing tool, it is likely you will have noticed a few changes to the style and content of the Facebook newsfeed in recent times. This is because Facebook has evolved to learn more about its users and has changed the stories that appear in people’s newsfeeds accordingly- staying current and displaying content that is relevant.

What this means for your business

The goal behind these algorithm changes is to provide each user with a personalised newspaper- displaying content according to what users like and dislike. As a business making use of Facebook, this means focus has to now shift to concentrate on content marketing as well as paid advertising.

The changes to Facebook’s algorithm means there is now more opportunity for brands to expand their audience. If brands and businesses tag one another in their posts and advertisements, fans of both pages will be able to view the content in their newsfeeds. This means paid advertising on a public forum such as Facebook has a larger success rate.

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