Facebook is really a great Web 2.0 channel for communicating with current and new prospects.  Do you know how effective your Facebook social media marketing strategy really is? Facebook Insights can help you check and monitor how effective your Facebook efforts really are.

Facebook Insights is a tool connected to every Fan Page on Facebook that allows administrators of the Fan page to track user activity on their page.  Here’s a couple of the main reasons where Facebook Insights can help improve your overall Facebook marketing plan through monitoring.

Facebook Insights

Impressions and feedback: If there was a sudden spike in any of your wall post impressions or feedback, do you know what caused it?  Look for any consistent trends in the feedback and impressions that you receive.   What caused these spikes?  What are the most effective messages?

Comments: Was there a sudden spike in user engagement where users commented on any of your wall posts? What messages did you post?

Likes: Which styles of writing in your wall posts received the most likes?  Was it during a specific time that spiked more likes than any other time?

New page likes and Inbound links: This is a great feature of Facebook Insights.  This gives you a summary of the demographics that have recently started following your Fan Page and who is referring new followers to your page.  This also shows where they are from.  This can help you check if any of your other strategies are increasing awareness and activity on your Facebook Fan Page.

Demographics: With this excellent feature you can tailor your Facebook updates so that they are custom made for users in a specific area. Perhaps your company deals in both the USA an Germany? You could use this feature to communicate effectively with both demographics, without spamming at least one of the languages with undecipherable updates all the time.

To consistently monitor, watch, and evaluating the statistics of your Facebook marketing strategy is vital to the success of your Facebook strategy.

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