Everywhere you look online, social media marketing is integrated on most popular websites including the news that you read. While many will try to convince you that the younger crowds are not using Facebook and Twitter that much, the fact remains that social media has become the primary setting for many internet marketing initiatives.

Social media channels not only service as resources for finding services and products, but for providing immediate feedback and reviews from the people that you know. If you want to make an impression on the audience that you are targeting, be ready to respond to wall posts and tweets with the right information.

If you want to scare people away and you want to see how you can lose followers and friends online, here are a couple of social media don’ts you shouldn’t practice.

Social media don’ts

Add people to groups without asking their permission: One feature of Facebook Groups allows the administrator to add friends to the group automatically. Groups are handy if you want to create a forum where you can discuss customer relations, but if you add people without their consent, you will receive them negatively. Doing it this way can also make these people share their nasty experience with their network.

Direct message adds: Just imagine how your clients must feel to be bombarded with mentions and direct messages all the time about your services and products. It is one thing to share some interesting info about your products, and another to message people constantly if they didn’t ask to be contacted. Social media = being social.

Neglecting your blog: Blogs are very important because they can capture the attention of the search engines. Blogs are very easy to use and they can help get timely updates to the world and your audience as they occur. If you are planning to use a blog in your internet marketing strategy, try to blog regularly and don’t slack off.

Being social is very important to remember with any social media marketing initiative. You can be social without trumpeting your sales message over the heads of the people you would like to reach and add to your network.