Yahoo Pipes is a tool that you can use to manipulate, aggregate and mashup content found on the web.  It has been around for a couple of years now and is still in Beta stage.  The interface takes a bit of time getting used to, but is quite easy to follow.

With Yahoo Pipes you can do a couple of interesting things.  With one of the features you can aggregate, sort and filter many RSS (Real Simple Syndicate) feeds into one.

You can even follow Twitter conversations via Yahoo Pipes.  The full article regarding this can be found here:

Social Media is all about the monitoring process across platforms such as blogs, bulletin boards, blog comments and websites that has become important and complex.  A Yahoo Pipes monitoring mashup may provide a good do it your self fix to this problem.

Information taken directly from the Yahoo Pipes website

Pipes is a free online service that lets you remix popular feed types and create data mashups using a visual editor. You can use Pipes to run your own web projects, or publish and share your own web services without ever having to write a line of code.  You can read more here:

A few business benefits from using Yahoo Pipes:

  • With Yahoo Pipes you can become more responsive to your clients because you will know what people are talking about them on blogs and twitter.
  • Respond more quickly and efficiently to queries.
  • Improve your services, products, web content, documentation, marketing messages and other communications.
  • Get valuable information about their competitors.
  • Stay up to date with relevant important information in your industry by focusing on keyword filtering to find the most relevant content for the situation.
  • You can setup specific monitoring dashboards to help find information more quickly.

You can find tools on Yahoo Pipes to easily create widgets and badges to place on websites and blog pages.

Leave a comment below if you require more information regarding Yahoo Pipes or any other Social Media Marketing methods.

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