If you own a business then you should be taking advantage of the various Social Media platforms to complement your existing marketing activity.

For example, if your company is actively involved with email marketing and other more formal advertising mediums, then you can use Social Media Marketing avenues like Twitter to balance them with a less formal approach.

Use Social Media Marketing to Strengthen Your Brand

Retweeting posts in Twitter is a popular form of Social Media Marketing and can be compared to word-of-mouth marketing. It’s exactly like an exchange of words between two human beings in real life except it takes place in cyberspace.

Consumers tend to trust the recommendations of their peers and will therefore be more likely to engage with advertising material they have received from their counterparts.

As a result of this, Retweeted advertising may not reach as large an audience as other traditional advertising forms, it can lead to higher conversion rates.

Interesting Social Media Fact

According to Business Insights, a third of the world’s population will be users of Social Networking websites within the next five years.

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