More and more companies are using Social Media Marketing for brand awareness and to create trust and credibility.  With this trend, consumers are turning to online reviews to help them with the buying decision.  There’s thousands of social networking website available online where users can submit reviews and it is considered an important part of social media today. Why not let your customers write a review for you?

As a business owner or manager you can take part in this and use popular social networking websites as powerful marketing tools. If you ask every customer that you do business with to rate your company, you will accomplish a few things.

  • It will show your future customers that you care about service and quality.
  • Members of your company will know that they must take care of every customer or you will suffer a poor review.
  • Increased visibility and brand awareness.

For your customers

It’s easy to take part and write reviews about your business in popular social networking websites.  Create a list of social networking websites and let your customers know about the ones you have picked.  Inform them that they must use your business name together with the product or service that you have offered them.  This will help people distinguish your brand with your products and services.

For your business

Register on popular social networking websites and participate in the conversation that is going on.  This is a great way to build brand awareness.  Let your customers know about your social networks and invite them to join and participate.  On most of these websites you will be able to create a dedicated group based on your business and the discussion that is going on.

Using social networking websites is a great way to engage with the community as both a business and an individual.

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