Face it…Social Media Marketing is a powerful internet marketing strategy. Social media consist of wikis, blogs, social networking, forums, photo sharing, videos, podcasts, etc.  All of these share essential elements and common characteristics.  Social media marketing can greatly benefit any business as it compliments your brand, business and online profile.

Even though social media marketing takes time and serious dedication, the return you can receive will surely out weight the time and costs you have spent on it. Find some information regarding Social Media Marketing below that might help you in gaining a better understanding of it.

Conversation is king

Traditional marketing usually broadcasts a message to be heard and not to respond to.  With social media, you establish conversation.  Social media have changed traditional marketing as the same message that you broadcasted can now be discussed.  Most online users today wants to engage, discuss and respond via social media.  They don’t want to be marketed to.

Sharing information

Social media is all about the sharing information, opinions, photos, videos and stories.  The interactive nature of social media encourages users to publish, participate and provide feedback on topics.

Social media is active

Social media is active and you are not just reading information online any more.  The separation between writer and reader is gone.


Social media forms social communities around common interests or needs.  People are participating in these virtual communities online where they share common interests, political beliefs, philosophies and share information with each other.

Content is king

Communication is king but in order to establish good conversation, good content is needed.

Trust and credibility

Social media marketing goes hand in hand with trust and credibility.  People interacts and participate in this form because of the trust level that comes with it.  Honesty and open communication is the core of social media.  Once this has been established, confidence and trust will be gained.

Be the author

Anyone can participate in social media.  It is easy to create, share and publish content and videos. This is very different from the days of traditional media where only a few provided what we read and watched. Social media is here to stay and anyone can participate in this form whether for personal or business interests.

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