The Global Economic Crisis of 2009 saw a sharp decline in traditional media as an advertising channel as many marketing departments had to endure a hefty cutback on their usual adspend. However, many companies saw this economic setback as an opportunity to explore new ways of marketing their products and services. They found that Social Media provided them the perfect way to market their products and service to a targeted audience. In addition to this, they found that Social Media enabled them to engage and immerse themselves with their market on a level never seen before. Another bonus of Social Media was that marketers were now able to get a fairly accurate analysis of their adspend. In other words, they were able to gauge just how successful their online endeavours had been in Social Media.

With the rapid decline in traditional media avenues, Social Media is fast becoming the marketing medium of choice to reach consumers. By having a well-researched Social Media Strategy you will have put in place a foundation for success.

Don’t be left behind

The reality of Social Media as a viable marketing tool is finally sinking in with big and small businesses, so much so that most businesses are now budgeting for their online marketing campaigns. If you’re not involved with Social Media then you’re leaving the door open for your competitors.

However, it’s all very well to say you’re involved with Social Media because you have a Facebook ‘Fan Page’ for your business but are you using it correctly? A September 2009 MarketingProfs survey of business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers found that the marketing tactics most often used on Social Media sites are not necessarily the best ones. This highlights the need for expert research and strategy development by trained social media consultants.

WSI consultants are at the forefront of Social Media Marketing and they can help you implement a Social Media strategy that will pay dividends in terms of:

  • Exposing your business
  • Reaching a targeted audience that want your products and services
  • Creating brand awareness
  • Helping you to engage with your prospects and existing clientele