Last week I delivered a 3 hour training session on Social Media for Internal Communication at The Pallazo Hotel, Monte Casino.

We had 15 attendees from various industries and most of them held the position of Internal Communication Officers. It was great to see the interest that larger companies have in learning how to use social media internally to improve communication.

Social Media for internal communication

Social Media for Internal Communication

The workshop covered how to use social media and leverage the latest interactive tools and techniques to advance your organisational goals.
We covered how to use blogging and pod-casting to maximize effectiveness, increase productivity and improve internal communications.
All of which establishes a stronger sense of community and brand.

WSI has a holistic approach for creating a one-to-one relationship that combines all of the options we have into one manageable system that can be effective and measurable. We have created a five-element system that can be used by organisations of any size, or industry and by implementing this system you can bring structure to the chaos that is now common in most operations.
Companies that perfect the concept of building one to one relationships using Web properties, social tech, and mobile applications, will prosper.  Those that struggle to put the pieces together will face years of catching up.
We combine the first 3 elements – Web Properties, Social Technologies, and Mobile applications  to create a digital net that is used to capture a connection with your personas.  These Web properties act as a platform to facilitate transactions, while the social tools provides the conversation to deliver the content in a push model.  The Mobile applications allow users to interface with both from wherever they happen to be located at this very moment.
The next step is to plan how to get your people to participate in the communication and contribute to the knowledge base of the company.
The final point to get the rest of the Online 121 System working consists of creating measurements and analytics that help you find out how successful your efforts have been.

The next step we covered was Online Reputation management, a hot topic nowadays and one that is both important to company brands as well as us individuals. It requires a careful plan that guides you to developing an online profile that is consistent and professional. We create a listening process to capture the keyword mentions that you are interested in. A policy needs to be documented to ensure that engagement online is well thought out and not just a knee-jerk reaction which can have you regretting off the cuff comments for a long while. Measurement is important as always and one needs to gauge how many people are talking about you.
Another important step is building your Rivers of Information which is essentially using social tech tools to streamline your knowledge input. The Internet provides an awesome amount of information and unless we learn how to filter the relevant information we need to have, you could end up wasting an enormous amount of time. By implementing Rivers Of Knowledge in your organisation you will raise the IQ of your company and be informed on subject matter that is important to your survival.

Well it was another great session as during the breaks we get the opportunity to network and share ideas that have worked in other companies.

Here I am at tea with Clinton from ABSA bank.

If your company is interested in finding our how to use Social Media for Internal Communications, just pop me an email and I will gladly provide an overview presentation, if you are in the Gauteng area.

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