If you are already using existing social media channels in your internet marketing strategy, make sure that you understand all the Web 2.0 sites you are using that they support your goals. If you are creating your own network with social media, decide on how you are going to engage with your community.

Are you ready to to engage with your existing network? Do you have a social media marketing engagement plan? What do you think are the requirements to engage successfully with your network? Here’s a couple of tips that can help you with setting up a plan to engage with your community and network.

Social media engagement

Budget: Always budget for engagement. To achieve success with social media is not a quick “press a button” and see instant results strategy. Ensure that everyone part of your team understand that it is a long process and that you are not going to achieve overnight success. You should invest in the time it is going to take and you should budget for the support.

Resources: Try to realistically assess all of your available resources. Determine the size of your team that will be responsible for your social media marketing engagement strategy. Never try to minimize the work because once again, success doesn’t happen over night. Everyone part of your company can be part of your engagement plan. Make sure you give them proper training on how to engage with the audience you are trying to reach.

Buzz: In your social media strategy, see if you can include something that will make a buzz so that your social media marketing effort can go viral. Nothing beats solid word of mouth marketing.

Fun: If your social media marketing engagement strategy is dull, you are not going to have many followers and people won’t share your content. Always include interesting content to share with your community that they will find interesting.

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