The same way you can share photos and images on Flicr and videos on YouTube, you can share your presentations on Slideshare and other similar document sharing services.  These document sharing websites converts large PPT (powerpoint format) presentations to friendly Flash movie files that is compact and fast loading as it is hosted on their domain.

It is a proven fact that slideshow presentations are better than text alone and very different than a video.  You can create and use online presentations to increase brand loyalty, for training purposes, keeping your clients informed, improve customer satisfaction or even providing help guides for prospective clients.

Microsoft estimates that more than 30 million presentations are made around the world with Powerpoint every day.  That is quite a big number.  Recycle your old presentations and post them on these document sharing websites online.  Just like videos, these presentations can easily be embedded in websites and blogs.

Some of these tools even allows you to have audio in them so that you can turn them into a webinar. Some will use a separate audio file that you can synchronize to your slide presentation.

Additional features on these websites allows you to set the permissions of these files.  Setting the option to public viewable will allow others to use it as a resource.  If you do this, include your website URL with a bio included in the presentation to help drive traffic to your online profiles.  Visitors who are interested in what you have said or explained will follow the links back to your website.

You can also protect your presentation from private viewing.  You can direct clients to these presentations and then talk them through your presentation.


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