Although social media originally started as a way for users to simply connect with each other, it now offers excellent opportunities for brands to get involved with communities. What many brands don’t realise, however, is that social media can be used to build a brand’s perceived authority on a topic or industry, translating to more trust from consumers and, essentially, more sales.

Brands who Express Opinions offer more Authenticity

Brands who get involved in online communities and share thoughts and opinions are considered more trustworthy. This is because consumers notice when brands are taking a genuine interest in topics that they themselves are interested in, and when brands offer real insight into the topic, they are recognised as authority figures. This makes consumers take an interest in your brand, seeking more insight and expertise from what they perceive to be an authority in the industry.

Social Media is all about Sharing

One of the greatest aspects about social media is that users can also link other users to your site, content or commentary. This further builds your authority in the subject, as users are more trusted by their connections. Therefore, by ‘borrowing’ authority from users who share your content while you build your own online reputation, you can greatly enhance your overall authority on the subject matter.

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