It’s a fact – people love all the social media channels and the competitions on them. Have you ever though of running a competition with your social media campaign? It’s not that difficult and it can be done. To help you as a business owner, I am positive that you can at least think of a few clever ideas for a competition related to your industry. Once you have an idea formed, it’s as simple as choosing the best social media channels for the “vehicle” of the competition.

A few years ago, almost all the competitions online involved a blog. This usually involved people signing up for RSS feeds, newsletters or leaving comments. This evolved into a more flexible way with popups on websites that enabled interested visitors to enter directly on the website. These were all very good – back in the day, but not anymore. These competitions are not very engaging, and how are you going to share your experience with your own network?

Social media competitions

With the birth of social media came a new way of online competitions. For example, imagine for a second running a competition where users had to post a photo (almost everyone’s cellphone has the capability to take pictures) with a short description. The method of taking a photo of a specific product could be a fun way to get people involved. By publishing and sharing the photo through social media with a link pointing back to where other members can enter, you are giving your competition legs. Social media is all about engaging and if these photos are fun and zany, they will be shared along. All these links pointing back to your website can also help you with your inbound link building strategy as well.

Once the competition is finished, carry the word on. Follow up the competition by sending emails to all the entrants thanking them for taking part in the competition and including something of value to them such as a voucher. If your competition is a success and a lot of  people entered the competition, you have done really well in spreading your message via social media. If just a few percent of those that entered the competition use the voucher you have sent them, that means more business directly generated from your competition. Social media marketing can be used for many reasons, business as well. If you need help with your social media, contact WSIOMS.

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