Last week I traveled to Kenya attending the Marcus Evans Social Media Bootcamp in Nairobi, Kenya.

First off, the Tribe Hotel is stunning and has a great venue for conferences.

There were many speakers from various industries and the event was attended mainly by marketing managers. On the second day I held a 4-hour session on implementing a social media campaign, from A to Z.

Nzioka Waita

opened the conference and presented social media, where it is today and shared a case study on SafariCom on how they created a video that Kenya tourism would be proud of.

He mentions ”Word of  Mouse” – the use of “word of mouth” WOM using your mouse. This means that people have control of what they say about your brand with the click of their mouse, very powerful.

Mauritz Badenhorst

from Nandos presented: Authentic Social Networking: Ten Questions

Mauritz is the senior brand manager at Nandos Worldwide Licensing

  1. Understand who you are as an organisation and brand
    1. you have the power to create perception
    2. be authentic, 100% of what you are
    3. your culture and adaptability
  2. Translate your persona into an an authentic digital persona
    1. what is your level of engagement going to be
    2. are you going to follow brands, friends and fans
  3. Live the brand and stay in touch with the consumer
    1. who will do the engagement?
    2. can you outsource authenticity?
    3. be careful of outsourcing your social media and make sure that you put policies in place
  4. are you engaging with customers around your objectives
    1. what do you need to achieve
  5. Will you have favourites
    1. will your target key influencers
    2. build relationships with key influencers and let them speak for us
    3. how much will you contribute to social media
  6. Whats your degree of integration with other digital activities
    1. How to maximise your web presence through content marketing
  7. How fluent and evolving are you?
  8. Are you unique and a thought leader in your field
    1. do you give customers information that they want
  9. Do you look and sound the same everywhere
    1. is it according to your brand positioning
  10. Are you consistent with your social media content
    1. will you be able to maintain it
    2. can you maintain it?

An interesting comment he made “Nandos is not about the chicken, its about the people that make the chicken” This is the family culture of the business coming through, very strong. he also said :Nandos is all about entertainment, all about fun”

Next up Shahzad Khan

from National Media Group. This guy really knows his stuff and I was quick to connect with him on LinkedIn as I really like the way he thinks. A real gentleman.

His description of social media, “Any digital platform that is free, shareable and social by nature, must be engaging”

He went on to describe the different types of media as:

Owned media – the  web properties that you own

Paid media – These are your advertising efforts like banner ads and sponsored websites

Earned media – When people are talking about you without getting paid for it. User generated content.

Shared media -Collaborative projects with 3rd party users

Use these 4 things when creating your marketing plan

Looking at their Google analytics, they have huge referral traffic, one third coming from social media sites

Some comments that I tweeted:

“If you have to go social you must embrace it continually”

“Never leave an incomplete brand experience”

“Don’t come up with great campaigns if you have bad service or poor products”

“Don’t go social without a social media exit strategy”

“You can’t sell anything, it’s the consumer who buys”

Next up Jeddidah Thoto

She was a dynamic presenter with solid knowledge on social media in the retail space.

She shared some of the activities she was responsible for when she at SEARS.

Her presentation covered “Analysing the target market to guarantee maximum consumer interaction and engagement”

Some great content strategies and I mad sure to bookmark and follow the SEAR’s  blog ( to get ideas.

She commented that “its a long journey to get loyal clients to become brand ambassadors”. It requires hard work and consistent messaging.

Dick Omondi

gave a great presentation on “12 important ways to build brand advocates”

His main points were

1. Focus on the relationship first

2. Aim for ongoing engagement

3. Give attention with energy

4. Look in the mirror to see what is coming up behind you

5. Make no assumptions

6. Ask your brand advocates what they want

7. Listen to your consumers

8. Hear your consumers

9. Help your advocates be heard

10. Don’t act, be authentic

11. Innovate, don’t stagnate

He ended up saying “use social media to serve, not to sell”

Waithera Kabiru Head of Digital Media, Capital FM Kenya

Some take aways from her presentation.

  • Get Top management to buy into social media by showing them the ROI
  • Social media numbers are one thing but engagement is the important thing
  • Organisations are challenged to operationalize social interactions
  • Social media should not be seen as a “disparate” process in your organisation
  • Be clear on your objectives – sales, PR, marketing
  • Understand that today’s customer is very “social”
  • Know what you are measuring.
  • Relate what you are measuring to “real” business goals.

Timothy Wandabwa

from Onpoint-IT presented on Harnessing Web 2.0 Technology to increase speed to knowledge and expert information

Some of his comments that I tweeted were:

“customers increase market effectiveness through bookmarking, myspace and facebook and reach more people”

“web 2.0 can reduce customer service costs”

“integrate web 2.0 through team collaboration, what do you want to achieve, what are your goal, consult with experts, measure”

Social Media Kenya with Francois Muscat

Implementing Social Media Campaigns

So one of the things I need to mention is that when you are part of a social media conference, make sure that you have many different videos to show.

Being last up can be an advantage as I was able to customise my presentation to what I heard and learnt from the other speakers. But, 4 videos that I had in my 4 hour session were played by other speakers and in some cases more than once. Lucky for me my laptop is full of great social media videos that I have collected over time

I covered implementing a Social Media Campaign and it went down well even though I had to cut some slides out as we were running late and this ate up into some of my time. But I was prepared, as I have been in this situation before. Many years ago someone (I can’t remember who) told me that one should prepare 3 versions of your presentation. One of 10 minutes just in case you are left with no time and have to get up and say something, one of 30 minutes, just in case your hour session is reduce for various reasons and then your full version.

I had to cut down from 4 hours to 3 as I had to catch a plane straight after.

The traffic in Nairobi is a nightmare. The road infrastructure is poor to say the least and it took 2 hours to get to the airport, some 25 kilometers away.

Anyway, here I am on the plane catching up and writing this blog post on my new Mac Air 11 inch. Perfect for economy class when the guy ahead tilts his seat all the way back, I still have room on my tray and with a full keyboard I can type away, no problem.

Well that’s it for now and it is my second last training session for the year.

This year I have done some serious travel, training on Digital Marketing in the following cities,

  • Toronto in January
  • Dubai in February
  • Jamaica February
  • Birmingham in April
  • Orlando and Bogota Colombia in April
  • Johannesburg in May – stayed at home for a month
  • Monterrey City Mexico and Mexico City in June
  • Philadelphia and Toronto in July
  • Las Vegas and Toronto in September
  • Nairobi, Kenya in October

A great year of travel with my lovely wife Marianna. We are very blessed to be able to enjoy our business and company together all over the world. I just love working with her.

That’s it for this post. If you know of anyone or company that would like me to do a social media boot camp I would appreciate the referral.

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