Relationship marketing involves the building of relationships with your potential customers. You can do this with Social Media, your website or direct communication with your clients.

Relationship marketing builds long term customers through regular communication. It has been proved that people prefer to buy from businesses/people that they trust. They will also keep doing business and stay with you for the same reason.

Usually companies spend 70-80% of their marketing budget going after new customers and clients rather that nurturing and retaining their current customers. By having solid relationships with their customers, businesses can increase repeat orders from existing clients.

Find a couple of tips below to help you with your relationship marketing.

Blog Marketing

With a blog, you can reach your readers regularly on a conversation level. Each day you can reach them with problem solving ideas, insights, business advice on how you can help them. You can engage with your readers in a blogging conversation. In my line of work, blog development is almost more important than normal website development.


Design and develop your website to be relationship orientated. This means that you must invite your readers with your website by presenting a warm and friendly user experience. Offer your visitors free stuff in the form of tools, information and ebooks.  Always show your hospitality.

A well developed FAQ (frequently asked questions) area makes it easy for people to find information quickly and get answers.  Always encourage two way dialogue where they can easily message, call or email for immediate answers. Allow your visitors to describe their unique needs and receive specialized answers to their needs.

Email communication

You can use email to stay in touch with your clients.  Offer to send them valuable information such as newsletters or resources. This is about creating a positive experience, not spamming.  Everyone hates spam, even the spammers. Always offer an easy way for them to opt out from future emails so that they are in control.

Social Media

Use popular social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube where you can interact and network with prospective and current clients.  There is really thousands of social media tools and websites where people from different market niches gather and converse.

You can also start building relationships and building more online visibility for your business, website or blog, through social networking. The best way to use and engage via social networking is to choose the networks that is most relevant to your market and niche. New social networks are developed every day so you might have to do a bit of research on the ones you will use.

With relationship marketing you are distinguishing yourself from the masses.  You must be willing to do what others are not will to do.  Dare to be different.

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