More people and companies are jumping into social media to start interacting with potential clients in online conversations on the web.  Social Media Marketing (SMM) typically uses a combination of Web 2.0 channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkeIn,  various social bookmarking sites, blogging and more.

What these companies and people don’t realize is that SMM can be used to quickly enhance the organic search engine results on the SERP’s (search engine result pages) for their website.

Organic search engine optimization used keywords and keyword phrases on the physical website page itself (links, header tags, meta content, etc.). This is only one part of this process.  To get optimal results, a good link building strategy must also be applied. Links coming from some Web 2.0 channels are among the most powerful available.

Social media link building strategies

Blogging: Add a blog to your company website.  By writing original and interesting posts, your blog can become a natural link magnet for bloggers to link to.  Bloggers will naturally link to articles that they reference in their content.  Links to your blog can benefit your entire website.

Content is king: Content is king but so is conversation.  Adding a blog to your website allows you to add fresh keyword rich pages to your website.  Search engines love websites with lots of interesting and valuable content that they can index.  More content on your blog and website can also bring in more search traffic and with more traffic to your blog, more people can comment on your content.

White papers and articles: Post good relevant white papers and articles on your website.  Provide observations of your market or industry, offer advice and make predictions.  These white papers and articles are powerful ways to build links.

Social bookmarking: Stumbleupon, Digg, Delicious and Reddit are very good social bookmarking sites which can improve your search engine rankings if they are used properly.  Add features to your website and blog to make the content shareable by your readers. Also make your content shareable on Facebook and Twitter.