I recently attended the WSI E & I Convention in Florida, USA. Here I met with various ICs, including Felix Garcia, who hails from Mexico. Felix is a music entrepreneur as well as a WSI digital marketing consultant. This is a very niche area as artists are starting to use social media in their marketing campaigns. Felix has contributed this great blog on social media in the music industry for the WSI OMS blog. – Francois Muscat

Social Media and Music

Many of us who work in the music industry are probably wondering. How can I sell more music on line? Where can I promote my music in a better way? How can I do to get my music videos to more people? How can I better promote my events, tours and concerts? Where else can I share with fans my pictures and activities? How can I do to get more jobs for my artist? What should my social networking strategy be? How can I monitor and measure my results?

Technology and the social network revolution have had a great impact in many businesses and music is no exception.

Today´s artists cannot depend solely on traditional media, such as radio, TV and the printed press for promotion.

The technological change and the creation of social networks are overwhelming, and it is very difficult to filter so much information and to be able to define which strategy is the best for our artists to use.

There are more than 200 successful social networking sites on the Internet nowadays. Some of them known to us all such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+.

This is why I decided to perform and analysis of an artist´s most important needs today and to make a selection of the most important social networks that cover these needs. This information will allow you to enhance your traditional media strategy.

Below, you will see some of the most important needs of artists and the social networks that provide specific solutions to these needs:
















As you can see there are many ways for artists to meet their needs with social media. If you would like to know more, get in touch with 360wsiweb.

Felix Garcia is a Digital marketing consultant at 360wsiweb in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Felix Garcia








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