In my own opinion and many others, blogging can be the heart and soul of your search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing campaign that can help you get top results. Once you understand how blogging integration works, you will know exactly why it is so valuable to your campaign.

With your blog, you are basically feeding the search engines with new content every time you publish a new blog post. If you publish a new blog post once a day, it means one new page will be added to your website as every blog post is seen as a new page. When you publish a new blog post, it pings out the new post to many services that will help your new content get crawled. This helps that your new content is indexed within hours of publishing the content. Do that a few times a week and you ultimately increases your SEO footprint.

But that is not all that your blog can do for you. It has many other characteristics that static website pages doesn’t have. Interested readers can comment on your blog posts and you can reply, making it a useful platform to start engaging with your target audience.

Generate traffic with your blog

With the buzz of social media everywhere on the web, you have many ways to generate traffic to your blog other than just Google. Since all sales and marketing is about building relationships, you can start building valuable relationships with your customers through the use of the social web, then send your network/friends back to your blog posts for more discussion.

Face it, blogging works hand in hand with your other internet marketing strategies. A match made in heaven. If you haven’t started to integrate blogging in your campaign yet, jump on the bandwagon and get started.