Social media is a powerful tool to drive traffic to your website. Here are tips on how you can harness social media to get people from social media platforms to your site:

Complete your social media profiles

Before you do any posting on Facebook and Twitter, make sure you have filled in your bio, company page, or About section correctly. This is where many people will first become acquainted with your brand, so you need to ensure that you make a good impression. Also, don’t forget to add a link to your website. As people read about you for the first time, they can click back to your website and get more information. Whether or not this person turns into a customer, they automatically one more visitor to your hit count.

Draw attention to great content on your blog

You may have a great blog with informative, entertaining and topical content, but it’s no good if nobody reads it. You can’t expect to maximise visits to your blog through SEO alone. Social media is the most essential and most effective way to draw eyes to your blog. 

Make your content easy to share

Now that you’ve attracted readers from social media, let them help you reach even more new audience members by embedding a social sharing tool on your pages. This allows them to easily pass your content on with a single click.

Study your audience to find the best times to post content

It’s no good posting great content when your target audience isn’t even on social media. Find out the peak time of your audience – the time when they are most active – and schedule your posts to go out during those times. This requires a little trial and error and guesswork at first, but you will soon be able to see when your audience is most active. You can make use of free tools such as Followerwonk to help you with this research.

Make your content visual

People would much rather watch a video or quickly scan a GIF or meme than read a lengthy article. So, make sure you hold their attention by posting visually oriented content. It doesn’t have to be only pictures, but it’s best to cut back on the text and add in more visuals. Even if you do post links to articles and blogs, make sure they have a picture to attract attention.

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