The web design industry is growing fast and has become an important, if not essential, industry with regards to businesses and companies needing websites to better promote their products and services. If you have a keen eye for design or are very creative and if you are somewhat tech savvy, why not consider a career in web design? That’s not to say you can’t become a web designer if you aren’t creative or don’t know the ins and outs of technology. There are many web design courses you can take which give you the skills you need to become a web designer. However, there are also many web designers who don’t have formal qualifications and that are self-taught. Here are some tips to get you started on your road to becoming a web designer.

  • Get to know Photoshop: The good way to learn web design is through practice. Photoshop gives you the option of working through their web design tutorials. Once you start getting better at the tutorials you try your hand at coming up with your own designs.
  • Read, read and read: Besides practising on Photoshop you can also look up some reading material that can teach you the skills of web designing and everything it entails.
  • Understand HTML and CSS: A basic understanding of HTML and CSS coding helps you understand how websites are built what you design constraints are with regards to coding.

Top web design courses and schools in South Africa

If self-study is not for you, here a few web design courses you can take and some web design schools you can visit: New Horizons Computer Learning Center; Open Window, Boston College; WebWerx; Design School Southern Africa.


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