Snapchat marketing is different. So many businesses shy away from it because they don’t understand it. Snapchat is not a full-blown social network, but it is far more than just a messaging app.

What makes Snapchat different is that the content that you share on it is lost forever as soon as it is consumed. You also don’t have a public-facing profile like Facebook or Twitter. For this reason, marketing on Snapchat might seem like a bad idea, but don’t be fooled. Snapchat’s apparent shortcomings are actually its greatest strengths.

The fact that content disappears after it has been viewed means there is an urgency to Snapchat that other social networks don’t have. As a result, the average Snapchat user opens the app over 25 times a day. The bottom line is that users pay attention to Snapchat content.

In 2018, there were 187-million daily active Snapchat users around the world. Of these, 71% are under 34 years old. If your target market is millennials, there is probably no better place to reach them than on Snapchat.

Another great benefit of Snapchat is that it is free. In 2019, most marketing tools aren’t free, so you need to capitalise on communication methods such as this.

Snapchat marketing isn’t like Facebook marketing. It is not about money in, money out. Instead, Snapchat marketing is all about branding and authenticity. Branding is a strategy, not a tactic. Strategy is an overarching goal and tactics are the executable tasks within your strategy. You can’t run ads or build a huge following count on Snapchat, but you can build deep, long-term relationships with people in your target market.

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